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The CAPP project

The prematurity is a major cause of perinatal mortality and morbidity. It represents 8% of births in Canada and poses a real public health problem. In some cases, it can lead physical or intellectual complications which can be serious. The economic repercussions of prematurity are very important for health services and families in all developed and developing countries.

Despite the efforts of the last 20 years, few major advances have been made in the prevention of prematurity, especially when the labor of childbirth has begun. Even today, once premature labor is present, there is no treatment that will prolong the pregnancy for a long time.

In this context, experts agree that the best strategy to improve the health of mothers and children is to intervene before signs of premature labor begin. One strategy is to identify patients at risk by ultrasound of the cervix and to put in place effective preventive or therapeutic measures at an early stage. The CAPP project (Canadian study on the Association of Pessary with Progesterone) is part of this approach and aims to determine whether the pessary, in combination with progesterone, could prolong the pregnancy and improve the health of newborns.